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The Essential Machine

Essential Machine is a student lead technology startup.


We are the creators of the Essential Machine


The Essential Machine is a nontouch vending machine that dispenses masks, gloves, and sanitizers.


Our mission is to prevent the spread of   Covid-19 in dense areas

Rendered Model Of Machine

DSC_1923 (3).JPG

Hi, I'm Richard Crabbe the founder & CEO 

With my entrepreneurial drive and genuine care for those around me, I decided to establish Essential Machine. The company's mission is to solve problems involving Covid-19 with our Essential Machine. We intend to minimize wait time and distance traveled to acquire anti-virus essentials, have options for people who have forgotten an anti-virus essential at home, and diminish the fear that people have of contracting the virus. 

Animated Visualization

Watch this animation for a better understanding of how our machine works

We are Looking for Interns

Please click on the link below to learn more and submit your application

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